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So are you a “Mental health blogger” gay or a “dog” gay?

A light-hearted Tweet has gone viral after it suggested that if you were gay and over the age of 30 you would have to pick a subclass.

Gay guys over the age of thirty were given the choice of

– mental health bloggers

– lgbt charity activists / speakers / photoshoot models

– fitness and 10k runs gays

– pokemon and/or lara croft gays

– stans

– books/film gays

– STEM and PhDs

– dog gays

The tweet grew a large audience and quickly went viral with many people commenting about how true to life the Tweet felt, with at least one exclaiming “Oh my goodness – how accurate this observation is” while another admitted, “I feel like I fit excellently into many of these categories”

Although it did leave one or two questioning about what happens to gay who hit 40/50/60.

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So many other types of gay

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Of many people started to add their own thought about what subclasses should be added to the list including, travel gays and theatre gays and one asked, “Wait what about the farmers market / bake sourdough bread and give it to all your friends / raise chickens and sheep outside city limits gay”.

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The tweet has over 20,000 likes, nearly 3,000 retweets and over 500 comments.

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