A gay friendly pub in Wakefield, Yorkshire has opened its doors for UKIP to hold meetings and events in.

The Harewood Arms, a gay friendly pub in Wakefield is open to opening its doors to UKIP meetings and events, in what is thought to be the UK’s only gay friendly UKIP endorsing establishment.

Many of the pubs regulars have reacted with dismay that UKIP, a party with members who have had their fair share of homophobic headlines like this and this, could be allowed to use the pub for meetings and events.

The announcement was made last weekend on Facebook, when landlord Matt Eason wrote in a message to UKIP Wakefield,

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“We’re not planning on painting the interior yellow and purple any time soon, however we do support the ukip stance on the pub industry. Not one person can agree 100 % with any parties policies, you have to choose the few that are right for you. That’s why it’s called politics.”

“We may loose one or two customers ‘support’ but will gain more in other ways. Im not going to sit by and watch our current government tax us thousands a year in unfair business rates and continue to take the piss with beer duty.

“Increased tax on beer and the smoking ban is what has ruined the pub trade and I’m not gonna sit here and say that it’s fine and not do anything about it. In the 3 years I’ve controlled the business side of the Harewood it has never made a profit, ever !

“I can confirm there will be a rally style meet and greet evening at the pub the dates will be confirmed so that people offended by it have the choice to not visit the pub that day”

Yesterday a theatre company in London sent an open invite to Nigel Farage to it’s comedy play about HIV after he was criticised by the other leaders on the televised debate, with Plaid Cymru’s leader Leanne Wood winning the first applause from the audience after saying that he should be “ashamed” for his remarks.

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