Study by Deborah Schurmnan-Kauflin Finds Gay Relations More Stable Than Straight Ones.

A new study reported in Psychology Today has found that same-sex relationships are more stable than straight ones – and that gay people can end up having better and longer relationships than their heterosexual counterparts.

200 people took part in the study, which found that 59% of the gay people interviewed had been in a ‘stable, loving relationship for three or more years’ while only 19% admitted to cheating on a loved one.


Meanwhile 47% of heterosexual respondents had been in a stable relationship – and even less found themselves in a long-term relationship (42%). Of those who had married 50% had divorces and almost half admitted to cheating on their spouse or loved one and two thirds said they were unhappy with their sex lives.

Gay people tended to work longer (over 5 years) within their companies, but were less likely to remain in contact with their parents – making siblings and friends the more important relationships in their lives.

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Another study from Copenhagen in 2013 showed that men in same-sex marriages lived longer.

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