An unusual guest appearance halted filming on George Michael’s new video promo, this weekend when a Zebra “mesmerised” the crew.

The UK singer was filming what is thought to be a music video for his song ‘White Light’ which he wrote about his battle with pneumonia last year.

“The animal had the crew mesmerised as it kept walking into all the lights and cameras,” a source told The Sun.

“It was a little bit spooked by the wind and had to be calmed down”

The Belfast Telegraph reported that the singer spotted wrapped up in a dark coat and seen hugging a male friend during the shoot.

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George was hospitalised for several weeks last year with pneumonia whilst on tour in Vienna.

The song ‘White Light’ was the product of spending time penning lyrics about the experience, adding that he was proud with what he had come up with.

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He said on Twitter: “Am I allowed to say it may be the best dance record I’ve ever made?”


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