Grindr’s IntoMore magazine looses millions of visits

After the effective disbanding of its editorial team, Grindr’s online magazine, Into has lost millions of visitors.

Into was the world’s most read LGBT+ news site, topping over 7,500,000 hits per month according to SimilarWeb, however after it was announced that the site’s editorial team had been let go, the site has lost over 7,000,000 monthly visitors.

In the month before the effective closure of the editorial team, recieved over 7.3 million hits, in April 2019 that had fallen to 360,000 hits.

It is now one of the smallest players in the American LGBT+ news market.

Grindr‘s digital magazine, Into, which was launched in 2017, the Chinese-owned dating app company says it was looking to focus on other areas, including “video”.

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