You may have heard that Christmas is upon us once again and with a week to go before the big event I draw upon last years disappointments from the other half as he opened a natural sunrise alarm clock. In my head it was the perfect gift for someone who has problems with getting up in the mornings, in his eyes it was a symbol of old age and plastic sheets!

Determined not to make the same mistake as last year I was very pleased to receive the wonderful Bluebeards Revenge shaving gift set in the post to try out. It has everything in it the real man requires for shaving, including the doubloon brush, shaving cream, post shave balm and aftershave. As a new connoisseur of wet shaving since my Movember expedition it was nice to find a product that not only smelt great and felt smooth on the skin but one that would look good on the bathroom shelf as well.

The Bluebeards Revenge aftershave cologne is a wonderful daytime fragrance with very fresh and clean scents. Long lasting for your hard days work it’s bound to raise a few heads. A whole range of kits are available from £20 – £110 and make perfect gifts for the bearded one in your relationship. I’m very hopeful on this one being a hit this year, plus I get a smooth faced boyfriend for Christmas, so it’s really a gift for myself!

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