GROOMING REVIEW: got2b Surfer Matt Paste

Schwarzkopf got2b Surfer Matt Paste 100mls

I’m extremely fussy about about the products that I put in my hair. It’s the different between looking like an extra from a Jedward music video and the adonis I know is somewhere lurking inside of me.

Thats why when I came across the new Schwarzkopf got2b range was I was hesitant in trying something new.

Presented in a brushed steel effect tub I liked the feel of the packaging in my hand. Weighty and masculine and on opening, the product’s smell is clean, fresh and distinctive.

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I’ve always gone for a matt effect product in my hair and Surfer Look Matt Paste keeps it’s matt effect for quite some time, even, dare I say, the morning after. The ultimate bed head look, which is brilliant if you just don’t have the time to wash and go. (Shhh, I’ll keep your secret.)

Once applied hair doesn’t look greasy and has great hold. It’s perfect for choppy styles and has a welcomed thicking effect to the hair. Especially if used with another product before hand, such a volume and lift moose. It’s great for use on most hair lengths, mine’s around 3 inches and I can still get great hold, and lift, and it lasts. Just a quick touch up half through the night and your still set to go.

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You can use the product sparingly, which means it’s very economic and is great value at around £4.00 per pot from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Savers, Amazon, Bodycare and Wilkinsons.

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