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In the latest episode of THEGAYUK podcast, Celebrity Big Brother star, Austin Armacost spills the beans on why Victoria Beckham apparently always looks so miserable in pap photos.

Apparently, Victoria herself told Austin while he and Marc Jacobs (they were once boyfriends many many moons ago) were at dinner with the former Spice Girl turned fashion empire owner one evening when she revealed that she “never planned on becoming that famous” and the very savvy reason why she never smiles in photos anymore.

She went on to admit, “I don’t want people to know my business, I don’t want my business out there, It’s not their place to know.

“Everytime you photograph me, I’m not going to be laughing and I’m not going to be crying, I’m going to be nowhere in the middle, I’m not going to make a face”.

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When Austin met David and Victoria. (C) Austin Armacost / Marc Jacobs

According to Austin, everytime Victoria showed any emotion before her decision to tone down her facial expression, magazines and the press would continuously speculate on her happiness, her marriage or any aspect of her life. The only way to stop the speculation was to “keep neutral”.

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