A man has been sentenced and fined after exposing himself and using a gay slur.

Nathan McMahon, 27, told police he was Batman after being arrested for exposing himself in a pub in Somerset in April.

The court heard that he drunkenly called the landlord a “gay git” before pulling out his penis and exposing himself in front a customer. He went on to cause damage to plants and a for sale sign, as well as urinating in the street.


Prosecutor Lucy Coleman said,

“They were both drunk and after being served with a second pint McMahon called the landlord a gay git and then took out his penis and testicles and put them on the bar in front of another customer,”

“The landlord took their drinks away but they continued to swear at him so he pressed his panic button to alert the police and they left.”


McMahon also pleaded guilty to using abusive words and behaviour.

His defendant, Tom Briggs said it was “a drunken night that went terribly wrong”.

“McMahon had a disagreement with the landlord while he was asking for some money for the jukebox and this ended in him being abusive and he left the pub,” he said.

“Then, with aggression inside him, he went outside and he kicked some plants, punched the sign and damaged a gate.”



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Manchester based McMahon has been ordered to a 12-month community order with 120 hours of unpaid work as well as paying £235 in compensation.

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