★★★★★ | Santiago Resort

The Californian TREAT in RETREAT

Located in a highly desirable neighbourhood in Palm Springs, California sits a quaint resort that is the recently refreshed Santiago. The friendly and attentive staff welcomes you to this gaysclusive 24 room – awe-inspiring resort. Most rooms boast landscape views of the towering mountains that surround this swim suit optional resort. The long list of amenities includes TV, DVD, fridge, microwave, king size beds, ceiling fans, housekeeping, WiFi, heated oversized pool, and Jacuzzi that are all a stone’s throw away from the tropical exotic surroundings that light up this resort. Santiago is one of the very few resorts that also offer both complimentary continental breakfast as well as a healthy light lunch that varies daily. As this resort sits proudly near downtown Palm Springs you will be neighbours with the bustling areas that will cater for your retail, wining, dining and dancing needs.


Sometimes when we travel we think that we have to go out and explore or else we feel as though we are missing out on something and Santiago has this natural pull to the resort that even though the area is waiting to be explored…so are the hammocks, the fire pit and the views that come with both. OK so one might think that there is only so many views that one can take – I stayed here in January and back home in London it’s not very often you get to look at a backdrop of snow-capped mountains behind a canvas of clear blue skies whilst drinking English Breakfast tea (of course). When dusk starts to creep in and you are backstroking in the warm pool it’s difficult not to get carried away with a number of stars that twinkle away from any light pollution. I left thinking is Palm Springs closer to the moon – it seems that way.

Santiago is the treat in retreat!