We are in the party season and if you’re anything like us you won’t be trying on just one outfit. Your bedroom will end up looking like a scene from Storage Wars with clothes thrown across the bed and discarded products cluttering every corner.

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Well take a moment, breath and relax. Here we have ten top tips to keep you looking tip-top this party season.

1)    Pocket Square


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It might not be the most obvious thing in the world, but a pocket square in the breast pocket of your  blazer signifies a confident, sartorially inclined man. If you thought a pocket square was just a white hanky in your pocket think again. Luxury men’s outfitters Rampley & Co have pocket squares to suit the simplest to the most extravagant of tastes.

2)    Suit and boot

The Christmas party can come in a number of guises, so work out what kind of outfit you’ll need to plan for. Is it black tie? Suit? Or is it smart casual? For most Christmas parties or social gatherings this winter a smart casual look will fit in perfectly. You can keep your jeans casual as long as you team them with a great tan brogue. Build on the look with a fresh, crisp simply patterned shirt, and finish off with a blazer with the aforementioned pocket square and you’ll be the talk of the party. For those colder nights, you could slip on a block-colour cashmere v neck jumper under the blazer. Don’t be afraid to try bold colours.

3)    Trim that beard

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Sorry hipsters, that beard has got to go. There’s only one man allowed to have a bushy face on the 25th and he arrives with reindeers. Go fresh-faced and watch the admiring glances from across the room.

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4)    Scrub-a-dub-dub

Feel and look your best by investing in a good exfoliant. You can refresh tired looking skin and reveal a youthful glow under all the dead skin cells that collect on the surface of your face. Don’t let winter take its toll on your visage! Take a look at our top exfoliating product list.

5)    Get yourself a good barber

A visit to a barber is a definite must to complete the man about Christmas town. Investing in a good haircut is key to feeling great about how good and how polished you look. A good barber will offer a variety of different services from hot towels to manicures. Why not treat yourself to 211 years of grooming experience at Truefitt & Hill, London’s oldest barber shop and the world leader in men’s grooming

6)    A splash of colour

Well, one does want a hint of colour. Even if your party requires an uber smart Black Tie look you can be totally subverting with your choice of sock. Check out these shocking pink Langham dress socks (£12.00) by Rampley & Co. No one will know unless you give them a peak of your ankle… Victorian is the new Millennium.

7)    Cologne

Aftershave is utterly important for a Winterfest party. Have you ever had a man tell you how amazing you smell? It’s wonderful. The gay community has in the past favoured a few fragrances like Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male and Davidoff’s Cool Water, but Rihanna’s Rogue (from £26.82) is surprisingly seductive and Hugo Boss Unlimited (from £46.90) is sniffing up a storm here at TGUK HQ.

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8)    Man bag

Don’t clutter up the lines of your outfit with your phone, wallet or keys. Keep them all in a bag. In that bag, you should also pack, lip balm to protect your lips in the cold, icy winds, your aftershave, and a comb or hairbrush. The winter weather can play havoc with your skin so make sure you pack a good moisturiser with SDF, to make sure you’re protected from those winter sun rays.

9)    Clean teeth

Pearly whites never go out of fashion. Check out our review of teeth whitening and dazzle your prince charming with the perfect smile.

10) Centre of attention

Don’t be a wallflower. Work out a story, a joke or subject that you feel confident talking about. Read up on the news and get a sense of what’s going on in the world. That way you can talk with authority about something and be a conversation leader rather than a follower. However, best to stay clear of divisive topics such as religious, politics or M&Ms Vs Skittles.

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Rampley & Co was born out of a desire to create elegant pocket squares through unique designs and high quality materials to showcase British luxury to a global audience. Our core company principles are to create unique fashion accessories through innovative design, exquisite materials and quality craftsmanship.