gay men getting married

Proposing to a loved one is possibly the single most nerve-wracking aspect of a person’s life. Whether or not you’ve discussed marriage, the pressure to get that special moment just right is enormous. With that in mind, celebrity jeweller and founder of, Vashi Dominguez has provided his most valuable tips for planning the perfect marriage proposal.

gay men getting married
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In public (a grand gesture)

Proposing in public echoes great romantic comedies and if done right could be the most passionate moment of a couple’s relationship. Whether it’s a family occasion or using flash mobs, skywriting, theatrics, a homemade movie screened whilst at the cinema or a treasure hunt – these are just a few showstopping ways to show your spouse-to-be just how special they are in front of many and/or just in the presence of the two of you.

Don’t: The key thing to remember is to match your moment with your loved one’s personality. There is nothing worse than surprising your partner with a grand public proposal if they’re naturally shy and/or a private person. Not only will it be an overwhelming experience for them but it also highlights that you haven’t understood their likes and dislikes.

At Home

Proposing in the comfort of your own home can be a wonderfully understated and intimate way to ask your partner to spend the rest of your life with you. It will take a lot of the pressure off the situation, and can be very touching especially if it’s a home you share together. If your partner is particularly shy, a proposal in a comfortable and familiar environment will have far better results than a very public display. A heartfelt speech and a home cooked meal prepared by yourself or perhaps a meal organised by a private catering and dining company for two are just a few great ideas to personalise your proposal.

Don’t: Turn a cherished moment sour by just handing over the ring without a meaningful or romantic gesture behind it. A significant moment deserves some fanfare.


At a special occasion

Make a special occasion even more special by popping the question during a memorable time. Popular times to propose are birthdays, holidays, Christmases, Valentine’s Day and so on, however, nothing beats a more thoughtful and unique day experienced exclusively by the two of you. Think of unique and treasurable moments such as the day you shared your first kiss or the exact day when you realised you’d fallen in love as a perfect setting to mark such a special occasion. The more creative and sentimental – the better.

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Don’t: Never hijack somebody else’s big day like a wedding or another family event with your own proposal. You could be accused of stealing someone else’s thunder|