So we sit down for a chat with the UK’s newest, hottest pop prince Anttix, he’s a cheeky thing – him. Even though his preference is the single ladies, he’d still take us out on a date, he’d sing at our weddings plus you can watch him perform at numerous Pride events this summer. Plus he looks abit alright in the buff. Meet Anttix…

So we have to ask… Where’s the name from and does your family call you Anttix?

Ahhh…I used to pretend it was my real name but now thanks to Wikipedia I can’t get away with it! haha…The name came about quite organically really. My management used to say…’Oh look he’s back up to his antics’ (Ill let you imagine what that might be) haha…and my real name is Antony. So we came up with Anttix. Some members of my family call me Anttix but my mum – no way! Not when II’mbeing told off anyway! haha!

We know you’re straight, well we’re assuming anyway, but for just one moment, imagine… where would you take us out on a date?

Haha…I’d take you on a date, I’m the most chilled out guy you could meet. I guess It would depend on who you were? As all I know about you is these questions sent to me from my management. Few beers, maybe I would sing to you and make you fall in love with me. Something like that! hahaha!

Whats your craziest fan moment?

Im currently on a schools tour across the UK and It’s actually mental. Everyone starts crying at me – I was not prepared for it ALL ALL. At first I didn’t know what to do, it’s kinda mental for me. To me Im just a regular guy. Certainly not worth crying over!! haha…I also get sent lots of fan mail. Some of that is a little crazy, BUT It’s cool. I love them all so it’s all good!

Biggest guilty pleasure?

Umm…I don’t get this whole guilty pleasure thing. If I like something I like it. I don’t feel guilty ever. Umm…OK…I ACTUALLY LIKE GANGNAM STYLE.

Politically hot topic, what’s your take on the gay marriage debate?

I actually CAN’T BELIEVE this is even a hot topic. It should have been addressed a long time ago. I think the world is mad. I truly believe in equality. I think people should be allowed to love who they want regardless of sex. I mean it’s 2013 man. People are dying in the world and we’re worried about whether two people who love each should be allowed to marry. If two dudes or two chicks wanna tie the knot I’M ALL FOR IT. Don’t forget to send me my invite.


If you found a million pounds in a briefcase in a park somewhere what would you do with it?

I actually don’t know. Im not that driven by money in general but I guess a million pound in cash – Sh*t the bed. First I’d go and party to celebrate…Then I would probably post a pic of it on my Instagram/twitter…I mean come on…PRIORITIES! haha…then I’d probably call my best mate paul and we’d come up with some ridiculous plan about how were gonna take over the world or something stupid like that.


What’s your biggest fashion faux pas?

Ahhhh no regrets. hahaha…Probably not wearing clothes in my recent shoot. Noone should be seeing that. hahah!


What couldn’t you live without?

My phone. Im addicted.

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Are we ever likely to see dirty pics of you on Twitter?

Define dirty. Probably not! But I guess you can never say never.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

The first hour after I wake up is always a blur. Usually eat chewits!


The Stig or Jeremy Clarkson?

The Stig


Kelly Clarkson or Kelly Osbourne?

Kelly Osbourne


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Kelly Rowland or Beyonce?



Single ladies or MILFs?

Single ladies


Anttix new single Tornado is out on the 28th July 2013 on The Famous Company Label

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