Mr Norman Cook, otherwise known as Fatboy Slim has been producing amazing music since the eighties, breaking through with The Housemartins, and he has been innovative in both music and music videos ever since.

In the run up to his set at Creamfields, we found out about his musical influences, who he rates at the moment in the music industry and his opinion on the famous dance music festival, which is set to be bigger and better than ever this year.

SE: Firstly, congratulations on over 30 years in the music industry! What would you say is the secret to your success?

FBS: Total love of what I do mixed with a bit of persistence and a drop or two of luck!

SE: Who are your musical influences from the past, and are there any upcoming artists that you are impressed with or inspired by at the moment?

FBS: In the past, Grandmaster Flash, the Clash, Carl Cox and The Dust Brothers. Currently, Robbie Rivera, Gregor Salto and Federico Scavo.

SE: You have played at Creamfields several times. If you could sum it up in one word, what would it be?

FBS: A cavort.

SE: You’re debuting your own Smile High Club arena at Creamfields this year, what can we expect?
FBS: A club within a festival based on good music, vibrations and a healthy shot of the absurd.
SE: What do you think makes Creamfields so successful and longstanding?FBS: Being run by people who genuinely love the scene rather than motivated by money and sticking to their guns with no compromise.

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SE: How does it compare to your famous House of Commons gig? I’m assuming the dancing is better?!

FBS: Creamfields is better dressed, behaved, and better looking. The dancing was not dissimilar…

SE: Finally, did you ever find out who the guy was from the cover of “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby”
FBS: Strangely enough he never came forward. The photographer who took it had no idea who he was and he must have never seen it…
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