Cream is one of the most well-known dance music brands in the world.

For the last three decades it has been responsible for some of the best parties and festivals in the dance music scenes, many of which have been attended by the majority of dance music fans from across the UK.

The brand started out as a club in Liverpool and the venue, Nation, is closing its doors for the final time on 26th December 2015, making way for a multi-million pound development. Luckily, Cream have just over 2 months to celebrate its closure in style, hosting three closing parties.
Part one takes place this weekend on Saturday 17th October, Part two is on 23rd October and part three will be happening on Boxing Day. Needless to say Cream are planning to go out with a bang, and they have some top notch line-ups for the events. Part one has the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez, K-Klass, Jeremy Healy and Timo Maas performing and it’s destined to kick the celebrations off in style.
Ahead of his set at Cream this weekend, TheGayUK’s Scott Ellis caught up with dance music giant, Paul Oakenfold, legendary DJ, producer, record label owner and Cream event regular. Paul is responsible for some of the biggest dance classics since the late eighties, either producing music himself or releasing other artist’s tracks via his Perfecto Records label. He has also DJ’d at hundreds of events all over the world and is still at the top of his game.
Specialising in trance, he’s produced many tracks including Planet Perfecto’s Bullet In The Gun, Faster Kill Pussycat with the late Brittany Murphy, his own Southern Sun and Starry Eyed Surprise. He even produced the Big Brother theme tune with Andy Gray! Ring any bells??
He’s also remixed some of the biggest names in the music industry, including U2, The Cure, Massive Attack, Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Put simply, he’s pretty much dance music royalty and his set at Cream this weekend is going to be one of his most memorable yet, especially as he has invited his fans to select which classic tracks he plays.
Paul chatted to TheGayUK about his feelings on Cream’s closure, as well as his plans for the future and who he tips as the next big thing in dance music.
SE: Firstly, thanks for taking the time to chat to The Gay UK. You sound extremely busy this year with the release of your 25 years of Perfecto compilation, as well as touring the world and your new venture coaching budding DJs and producers, Paul Oakenfold’s DJ Camp.PO: Good to talk to you too.
SE:You are performing at the 1st of Cream’s closing parties at Nation in Liverpool on 17th October and I’m personally gutted that it is coming to an end. What are your thoughts on the closing of many legendary clubs in the UK at the moment?

PO:It’s a sad day of course and an end to a truly epic era – but at the same time I’m sure Cream will announce something exciting that will fill the void left by Nation’s closure so I think in these instances it’s advisable to always look forwards. The closure of The Arches in Glasgow was another blow to the UK scene – but again Scotland has always been on the cutting edge of the music scene and that’s never going to change so new venues will emerge and while they might never be the same – they will be a new chapter that the local clubbers need to embrace.

SE: You’ve been involved with Cream for many years. Can you tell us why you have continued your relationship with the brand for so long?

PO:We’re like family and so the loyalty is second nature. It runs deep in.
SE: What is your fondest memory whilst working alongside Cream?

PO:Ask me again next week and I’m sure it will be this coming Saturday’s closing show.

SE: You also have your own brand, Perfecto Records. You’ve consistently released some amazing music, many tracks such as Planet Perfecto’s Bullet In The Gun and Grace’s Not Over Yet now being certified classics. What’s the secret behind the label’s longevity?

PO: Always pushing fresh new talent and never being afraid to release music that thinks outside the box. We have never been genre exclusive and that gives us a really great sense of freedom. We can sign and release whatever we want and the fans and followers of the label are open minded enough to dig that.
SE: You have started a DJing and producing school. How is that going?

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PO: Really well – it’s a great thing to be able to offer advice, guidance and skills to what could be potentially the next generation of international DJs.
SE: Apart from your new venture, do you have any other new projects coming up in the future?

PO: I have loads of things going on right now. I released my new compilation album last week “Back To My House” which is a double CD / Digital album which I put together inspired by some incredible experiences I had at a bunch of private parties, house parties, pool parties and after parties this summer.

SE: Finally…A quick fire round… What’s your favourite track of all time, if you had to pick one?PO: Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On”.
What’s your favourite track at the moment?

It’s impossible to just pick a single record but right now I’m sat working while listening to an absolutely killer new album on TIP records that is just phenomenal. It’s great seeing that label still going and still pioneering the boundaries of goa and psy after all these years.
Who would you say is “one to watch” out of the up and coming DJs/producers at the moment?

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Simon Patterson. He’s already massive and a headliner so he doesn’t really fit into the “up and coming” category – but mark my words – he is about to go stratospheric in 2016.
What can we expect from your upcoming set at Cream on Saturday?

I invited the fans to choose which tracks they wanted me to play so it will be a classic courtyard set. A non-stop trip down memory lane and a fitting sign off to a truly incredible era.

Scott Ellis | @ellis2s
Tickets for the Cream Grand Finale part one, on October 17, have now sold out. For tickets to part two, on October 24, featuring sets from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Danny Howard, Carnage and Michael Woods, go to

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