With Trades birthday celebrations around the corner some of the regular DJs tell us what they enjoy most about the club night.

What is your first memory of TRADE?
Wow what a question! Well as I cast my mind back to the year 1999 I was DJ jing in Leeds and I had been to Turnips, sorry Turnmills, the previous week for the first time and I never knew a club “traded” (excuse the pun) at those times!
I was invited by the these guys that I had met at the club Melt the week before and they were avid trade goers. One of them is one of my best friends now and well-known Trade pyromaniac, Wyn!!
Well I’d just driven for 3 hours after a gig and it was about 6am and there was steam coming off the brickwork down the side of the venue. As we hit the top of the stairs this throbbing bass just hit me, then once inside it’s another wow, and holy shit this is really busy!!! We are in it…the best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced in such a small space. It was mental and I will never forget it and after that we pretty much went every week 🙂

What is your most embarrassing TRADE moment?
I don’t get embarrassed but if I did it would be falling down the stairs…

What is your ultimate TRADE anthem?
Jeeeezzzz what a question for a dj…erm…’Inside out’ by Joff Roach, and the sample says it all “party time”

Why do you think TRADE has stood the test of time in club land?
High Standards, quality branding, its attention to detail and of course,Trade was like an art gallery!! Plus the sheer love from all the great people that have graced the doors over the years talking about what an amazing piece of history it is.

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What are you most looking forward to at the forthcoming TRADE Birthday?
Seeing all the people that I’ve met over the years come together dare I say As one?

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Who is the most famous person you have kissed at TRADE?
Erm hang on…George Michael…No that was a dream! I mean, George Mitchell….wait …oh I can’t think it must be Yvette The Conqueror!!

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