Does Will I Am have a partner? Or is he married?

IS will i am married?

With The Voice UK starting up again, the questions surrounding the star’s love life have started to emerge and people are interested to know if will i am is married or not. is extraordinarily private about his love life and has complained that he’s too busy with work to find love. So it’s difficult to determine his sexuality or whether he is in a relationship with anyone.

What we do know is, is that Will I Am is very pro-LGBT. He has spoken up for gay rights in the past. He was pro-gay marriage saying, “People should be able to marry and be with who they want, and let’s focus on the real issues… which are education, health and the things that kill people.”

He once released a song which included lyrics about same-sex love. He said, “That song is for all types of people… People have been showing love.”

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So is he married? No will is not married.

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