But it’s probably not what you think…

G-A-Y owner Jeremy Joseph wants to set a new world record. He wants to set a new record for the number of comments on a Facebook post. He’s urging people not to share, not to like, but comment to support equality everywhere.

The club owner is famous for his marathon running and has raised over £400,000 for his chosen charity, Elton John AIDS Foundation.

In his campaign, Jeremy outlined the many inequalities levelled at the LGBT community, including the number of countries in which it is illegal to be gay, the countries in which being gay attracts the death penalty. He also outlines the access to HIV testing available to the LGBT community in the UK.

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Globally 9 out of 10 gay and bisexual men do not have access to comprehensive and stigma-free HIV and STI prevention services.

Speaking about why he chose EJAF he told THEGAYUK,

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“The reason why the Elton John AIDS Foundation is important, is because I decided several years ago that I wanted G-A-Y to focus on one charity.

“I chose the Elton John AIDS Foundation because they distribute money, rather than finance one thing.

“It means by raising money through Elton John Aids Foundation, you’re raising money for lots and lots of charities.


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