"I will be the most pro-equality president in our nation’s history"

As the Trump administration dials back LGBT+ protections and rights, Presidential hopeful, Joe Biden makes a solemn promise to LGBT+ people in the US as Pride Month draws to a close.

Taking to social media on the last day of Pride Month, Joe Biden wrote how, if he is elected president in the forthcoming elections, he will be the “most pro-equality president” in the nation’s history.

“LGBTQ+ rights are human rights”

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He affirmed his stance on LGBT+ rights by adding, “LGBTQ+ rights are human rights, and we can’t rest until everyone is treated with dignity and respect under the law.”

His statement is in stark contrast to the actions of President Trump’s administration, which has, from his first week, removed support and visibility for LGBT+ people in the United States.

In his most recent actions against LGBT+ people, his administration removed healthcare protections for LGBT+ people that prohibit discrimination based on gender identity, which announced on the anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub massacre, which killed 49 LGBT+ people in 2016.

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