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Say what you will about Justin Bieber but he just did something really touching for the Orlando massacre victims.

CREDIT: © Jean_Nelson | Depositphotos
CREDIT: © Jean_Nelson | Depositphotos


Performing in Orlando last Thursday, Justin Bieber paid tribute to the 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub massacre. The names of everyone who died at the shooting were shown up on a giant screen as he sang his hit, “Purpose”.

The list of names also included Christina Grimmie from the US version of The Voice who was murdered a day before the Florida attacks.

Speaking to the audience, Bieber said,


“You’ve been through a lot here,
“You guys have been in my heart. I’ve just been thinking of the families and really feeling for them. It’s hard to really be happy in a time like this, so it means a lot to see you guys out here, smiling.”