Katie Hopkins and Michelle Visage seem to be getting on very well, as Visage says she was instantly drawn to the former Apprentice star.

Katie Hopkins has never been shy about wanting to be a gay icon and well, she’s appears to be learning from one of the best in the form of Michelle Visage.

Talking to Big Brother, Michelle says, she is surprised who she has connected with in the house and says that Katie Hopkins is the biggest surprise. She says that they ‘were instantly drawn to each other’ and that they have the same sense of humour and that they are ‘so similar in so many ways’.

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The pair have also bonded over their dislike for Perez Hilton, who Visage has called out numerous times for setting back the gay community fifty years. During yesterday’s debate task Perez called Katie Hopkins homophobic, which caused Katie to explode, screaming “don’t ever call me homophobic, that’s the one thing I’m not..” and Michelle criticised Perez for his use of the word.