Kavana is out of the Big Brother house, becoming the 6th celebrity to be evicted.

The “I Can Make You Feel Good” singer, Kavana was the 6th celebrity be to evicted from the Big Brother house, narrowly missing out the opportunity to be in Friday’s live final. Speaking to Emma in his exit interview the openly gay singer said that he ‘knew he was going today.’ His exit along with Perez Hilton’s in tonight’s show leaves, Michelle Visage, Katie Hopkins, Katie Price, Keith Chegwin and Calum Best to win the show.

Calling the house a ‘lunatic asylum’ Kavana looked relieved to be out of the house. He also joked with the audience about his drinking, which is why he now has a lovely paunch. In his time in the house drinking did get the better of him, which led to him declaring that Keith Chegwin was an enemy.

During his time on the Big Reunion, Kavana had an explosive row with Adam Rickett, speaking about his outburst to TheGayUK Kavana said, “What they didn’t show on that particular day is that I had received some pretty bad news, my mum is poorly with Alzheimer’s. I had a very weak moment. I just hit the bottle, obviously, it was right in the middle of rehearsals and on camera.

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“My mum’s in a care home. It’s pretty tough because I can’t call her because it confuses her. So I’ve gone from speaking to my mum everyday to just not speaking to her – maybe once a month, because it gets her very confused. She doesn’t understand who I am. It’s kind of hard, but it is what it is. When I do see her I make sure we have quality time.


“I have a tendency to self-sabotage, if something good is about to happen a part of me tries to sabotage it.”