Apparently gay pop singer Kavana wanted to take his beloved 1997 Smash Hits award into the Big Brother House.

The Sun is reporting that sources close to the singer Kavana, who is currently starring in Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother, wanted to take his Smash Hits Award into the compound. He won the award 18 years ago.

An insider reportedly told The Sun: “He was really anxious about leaving it – it’s like his comfort blanket.
“He takes it everywhere with him in a black holdall bag and he’ll panic if it even leaves his eyeline.”

However THEGAYUK’s editor Jake Hook, who interviewed Kavana in 2014, said,

“This is a ridiculous story and quite bitchy. When we spoke he certainly didn’t tote his Smash Hits award at me. However, when we spoke he did say that he was writing a book called Smashed Hits, Misadventures In Pop.”

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Kavana entered the Big Brother compound on Wednesday evening and was greeted by Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton who welcomed him by calling him a “fellow gay.”

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Kavana came out in 2014 at the age of 36.

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