"Just stop getting pissed off because you've done 5000 crunches and still don't have abs.⁠"

Keegan Hirst has written about what it’s like to get, have and maintain abs and it sounds freaking exhausting.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Keegan Hirst, who now runs his own online coaching website has laid bare that having and getting abs is a difficult task and opened up the conversation about why and if they are actually important to have.

In the post, Keegan wrote that people have put “abs on a pedestal” and that abs equal status, “especially if you’re gay” he added that they are seen as “attractive, desirable and sexy”, but he warns, “what people don’t tell you about is how hungry they feel trying to get ‘beach ready’.”

Do you think abs are giving too much importance in the gay scene?

Anxiety surround abs

He also revealed that there was anxiety in keeping hold of the abs and how toxic they can become to your mental health, especially if someone has “attached their self worth to their image”.

He then explained that keeping in shape came with “trade-offs” and that it was up to you on what you were willing to compromise on in order to real the goal of visible abs.

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Three steps to abs

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He then laid out 3 steps on how to get a set of abs, including the tip that no amount of sit-ups or crunches would get you abs.

He also explained that you just can’t cut any corners to get them. So throw away the electric ab toners and “skinny coffee”. He suggests, “You just need to be in a sustainable, calorie deficit until you get there. ⁠”

Third, he says that keeping that all elusive 6 pack is a mindset, saying, “Abs may be made in the kitchen, but they’re maintained with your mindset.⁠”

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Most importantly, he added that we shouldn’t attach our happiness to gaining a set.

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