Trans Celebrity Big Brother contestant Kellie Maloney has revealed what her mother said when she first saw her as Kellie.

Kellie Maloney, who came out as trans recently, has spoken to George Gilbey in the Big Brother house about what her mother thought about her transition.

George and Kellie were chatting by the pool when George asked how Maloney’s mum took the news and Kellie admits she was ‘fantastic’ and said, ‘You’re still my child, no matter what you want to do’, George replied that it’s was a ‘lovely’ story and Kellie then described the first time she met her mum as Kellie and she said, ‘I think dear, you’re wearing too much make up!’

Earlier in the week, during a conversation with Bad Girls’ actress Claire King, Kellie admitted that thinks she will be a heterosexual male mentally.


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