Thule bar, Shetlands

A man who admitted shouting homophobic abuse, whilst drunk, has been fined £150.

Thule bar, Shetlands
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Twenty-two-year-old Ellis Birnie, of Sandveien, Lerwick, was fined £150 after he pleaded guilty to behaving “in a threatening or abusive manner” in Lerwick, Shetland, in Scotland.

He made homophobic remarks according to a witness who said that the accused had made “derogatory remarks about the females’ perceived sexuality” last year at the Thule Bar and Captain Flints on 27 September.


Shetland News reports, Mr Birnie’s defence said that he suffered from epilepsy and diabetes and according did not manage his condition by not managing his diet.

Sheriff Philip Mann remarked that the behaviour was  “really stupid” and said he hoped it would be a wake-up call for the man.

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“Look after your health and be wise enough to understand you can’t go out and abuse alcohol in this way”.

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