Another year, "clean and sober" Olympian Matthew Mitcham celebrates with a naked picture.

Another year, “clean and sober” retired Olympian Matthew Mitcham celebrates with a naked picture.

Matthew Mitcham has delighted his entire fanbase by getting completely starkers with two other men (also starkers) to celebrate “another year” sober.

The retired Olympian, who was recently rated as one of Greg Louganis’ favourites, posted the candid picture to Instagram saying, “New year, nude me” and that he had reached another recovery milestone never feeling more “felt cleaner or serener”.


Matthew wrote, “New year, nude me


“I’ve been busy driving up and down the gorgeous east coast of Australia, camping sans electricity or hot water, seeing family, exploring waterfalls and being a garden variety beach bum.

“I also reached another recovery milestone, and I’ve never felt cleaner or serener Butt all holidays must come to an end, so we’re back in Sydney and ready to slay 2019, henny!”

Yesterday, Frankie Grande also celebrated a milestone in sobriety.

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