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Matthew Mitcham just got engaged

The Aussie Olympian just got engaged to his husband to be

Matthew Mitcham is one happy guy this morning after getting engaged to his partner, Luke. His model boyfriend apparently got down on not just one, but both knees to ask the platinum blonde former Olympic diver to marry him, who yes YES!


Last month the couple celebrated being together for six months, with Matthew commenting, “I’ve been with this funny, passionate, energetic, caring, fun-loving, handsome man for six months. The longest six months of my life, but mostly because of how much we’ve crammed into them. @lukeyluke8, thanks for being the Ricky Ricardo to my Lucy.”


Today, taking to social media, Matthew and Luke who now live in the UK after relocating earlier this year, are beaming with joy.

Matthew wrote, “He got down on both knees, I said yes, and now we’re engaged.” Luke responded by posting “Yay!!! We’re getting married!”.


Fans of the couple were quick to congratulate, with one saying, “Both knees! He must really love you, congratulations” another adding, “Congratulations! You two are adorable.”


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