Gareth Thomas’s BFF, Mickey Rourke, has come out as a “little bit gay.”


The former boxing champ Mickey Rourke has come out as a “little bit gay” after being asked to comment on the ‘abhorent’ statement by Manny Pacquiao about gay people last week.

He said,

“I think they were wrong and out of place and I think that we all got to watch what we say.

That was from the Old Testament he was quoting, so you got to give him a little bit of room.

But I got a lot of gay friends. I’m a little bit gay myself.”

In 2012 Gareth Thomas said that Mickey was set to play him in a film about the Rugby legend’s life.

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In an exclusive interview with THEGAYUK Gareth said,

The film is undergoing the final contractual bits and pieces and we hope to start filming in the middle of 2013. Mickey is moving to Wales early next year to train and get fit for the filming. So I’ll be spending 4 months showing Mickey the sights!


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