Music ban “nail in the coffin” for gay bars in Scotland

A well-known LGBT+ bar in Aberdeen has called the decision to ban background music in hospitality venues a “nail in the coffin” and urgently called for a review into allowing music back in venues in Scotland.

In a statement, Cheerz Bar in Aberdeen wrote, “We’ve gone from a party venue with Drag, DJ’s and Karaoke 7 Days a week, 365 Days a year to still be functional with table ordering and background music but recent changes in government legislation has stopped this in an effort to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.”

It also called for urgent help for the hospitality sector from both the Scottish and UK government. It said that the lack of support for bars and nightclub was “deeply disappointing”.

The ban on background music was introduced by the Scottish Government on the 14th of August.

The lack of music could lead to people avoiding bars altogether

In the statement Cheerz owners laid out how they believed the ban on music would affect its customers’ behaviour, saying,
” – Customers will now get closer to have private conversations.

– Customers will speak louder because music will no longer disperse the sound of other tables.

– Customers will be more inclined to party at other households with music.

Massive losses for hospitality sector

Cheerz noted how businesses in the hospitality sector have sustained massive losses, due to “stock wastage, rental costs, water rates, equipment charges”.

On top of this, Cheerz bar says it was sent a bill from Aberdeen City Council, looking for its annual licensing fees.

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“We are trying our hardest to keep our doors open at this time but ultimately we need to save our team’s jobs and our venue”, the statement added.

“We’ve made it 10 years, and we hope to make it for another 10+ but this now depends on the actions of the Government.

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