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New gay dad alert as Lance Bass announces baby plans

Lance Bass has got some big plans for 2019.

Lance Bass and Michael Turchiat the 3rd Annual Celebration of Dance Gala presented by the Dizzy Feet Foundation, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA 07-27-13
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The former Nsync singer turned presenter Lance Bass has announced that he and his husband, artist Michael Turchin are planning on being dads in 2019. But he revealed that the process has taken a very long, long time.

Speaking to Page Six, Lance said, “The most surprising part about the surrogacy process was how long this takes” and admitted that he and his husband are on their sixth donor already.

Writing for, author of the Journey To Fatherhood column, Simon Hill often talked of the complex and expensive route a gay man has to undertake in order to become a father via surrogacy. In fact, it cost Simon over $150,000 after surrogate payments and legal fees.


Lance Bass
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Donor Number SIx

Speaking on his own process Lance revealed, “We had several friends going through this and it took a little while but I think we’ve broken the record for how many donors we’ve gone through. We’re on donor number six right now and we don’t even know if that one’s gonna work. So, it has been a lot longer than I thought. But, hey, here’s to a 2019 baby!”


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Tweet It Out

The former singer and artist have even found it hard to find a donor. Lance explained that he’s even considering tweeting to his large fan base to find one. He said, “You would think I would get so many offers for eggs but not many people have come to me with their eggs! I think I’m going to have to tweet it out right now!”


The couple wed in 2014 and recently celebrated their fourth year of marriage together, revealing to their fans on Instagram, what their pet names were for each other.


Good luck guys!

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