According to the UKIP Leader many HIV patients in the UK have written to him to say that they are struggling to get HIV drugs because of immigration.

Speaking on LBC, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage was answering a question from Nick Ferrari about whether he and UKIP were politically toxic. Answering, Farage brought up the controversy he caused during a leaders’ debate earlier in the year, when he made “outrageous” claims about “health tourism” with immigrants with HIV – testing positive in the UK, obtaining medication on the NHS costing £25,000 per patient per year.

During the debate he said, He didn’t believe in health tourism and “We need to put the National Health Service there for British people and families.”


However Farage said, that since the debate and making those claims he has received letters from “lots of HIV sufferers in this country” who have said that their “local clinics are unrecognisable (with) the number of people that are here”.

He went on to say that people were “struggling to get the drugs” they needed.

However THEGAYUK reached out to the NHS media team to ask if they were aware of any problems of drug shortages in clinics.


A spokesman for NHS England said,

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“We have not been made aware of any capacity or drug shortage issues in HIV clinics.”

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