An application for a parade to celebrate Eurovision winner Conchita has been declined by Moscow’s Mayoral Office.

Officials in Moscow have vetoed an application for a parade to honour the Eurovision 2014 winner Conchita Wurst.

Wurst won the 2014 competition with her song Rise Like A Phoenix with 290 points.


Speaking to Russian news agency interfax Alexei Mayorov, from the Moscow mayor’s office said, ‘We informed them that the event could not take place,’

The application was denied to, ‘respect morality in the education of the younger generation’.

Before the show aired last week, top Russian politician branded the show a ‘Sodom Show’.


The parade had been planned for May 27th, the 21st anniversary of legalising homosexuality in Russia.

The activists behind the application have said it will appeal the decision and have vowed to stage a gay pride on 31st May 2014, despite a 100 year ban of Gay Prides.

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Many men in Russia have started to shave their beards off in protest of Conchita’s win, but Rise Like A Phoenix continues to chart high in the Russian iTunes chart.

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