Sex scenes described as “non-conventional” could be banned in the UK under a little-discussed clause in the Digital Economy Bill.

The UK government could censor porn or filmed sex scenes it deems “non-conventional” under a proposal which is part of the digital economy bill. The proposal would enforce a strict age verification and force Internet Service Providers to block access to footage which couldn’t be classified by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) for sale to the public under the R18 certificate.

The BBFC’s classification system has been described as controversial and lacking in scope for modern viewing habits.


A spokeswoman for MindGeek, one of the world’s biggest pornographic website operators, said,

“Many of the sexual activities prohibited from R18 [the BBFC’s most explicit certification] are normalised and accepted aspects of healthy sexuality, and are proudly celebrated by the feminist, queer and ethical porn movements internationally,” she said.


“Non-conventional” scenes could include fisting as it falls under the “four finger rule” as well as female ejaculation.




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