The gay community is on edge after it has emerged that one of the Paris Terror fugitives, Salah Abdeslam was seen in a Brussels’ bar “flirting” with customers.

  • Salah Abdeslam is 26 and was born in Brussel.
  • He is the subject of Europe’s biggest manhunt for his alleged part in the Paris Terror Attacks over a week ago.
  •  130 people were gunned down in the streets of Paris
  • Abdeslam was reportedly seen by bar staff in Brussels’ gay bars, who thought he might be a rent boy.

According to reports one of the Paris Terror Attacks’ suspects, Salah Abdeslam, 26, was seen by regulars in gay bars in Belgium’s capital city Brussels. He has been on the run ever since the atrocities in Paris that left 130 dead. Sources are claiming that Brussels-born, Abdeslam was part of the terror cell that prowled through the streets of Paris killing innocent people indiscriminately. It is believed that he rented and drove the car containing the attackers to Paris.

A bartender at one of the bars told the Sunday Times (sub) that they had him down as a rent boy.

“He was always hanging out with that kind of crowd.”


It also emerged that regulars had seen him smoking, drinking and flirting with men in the bars of Brussels’ Saint Jacques quarter, according to the report. It is not known if he actually had relations with anyone from the bars.
The bar owner, who wished to remain anonymous after going through hours of security footage from his premises.
An international manhunt for Abdeslam has so far failed; causing concern for authorities around Europe. Around 2000 police officers are involved with the search.
Brussels has been in lockdown after the Belgian Government raised the Terror threat level to the highest level; “very serious” indicated that a terrorist attack is serious and imminent. The entire Brussels metro network was closed on the 21st and 22nd and many events, such as football matches have been cancelled.

Last week the British Government issued guidance on how to survive a terrorist attack.

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Meanwhile gay bars in Brussels are remaining open, but are working closely with the police. Le Boys Boudoir, a popular bar in Brussels issued a statement that it was keeping normal hours, but asked patrons not to bring bags into the bar.

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