It’s quite a sight to see, but Soul Diva Patti LaBelle went kray kray on a fan after he unbuttoned his shirt on her stage.

Having been invited up on stage by the Lady Marmalade diva, the man, unbuttoned his shirt and was dancing to Ms. Labelle’s set, when she halted proceedings.

It’s fair to say she was not happy.

“I am 71 years young. I am not Nicki Minaj or that little Miley,

The unnamed man then started getting provocative towards the singer and pushed his bootie out at Ms. LaBelle, whose reaction shows why you don’t mess with Ms. LaBelle… whoever you are.

“Don’t your dare. Not on my stage. No, thank you. Let me say something.”

She then seemingly barged at the man and called him a bitch before her security roughly removed the fan from the stage. She yelled after them to make sure he left the building.

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She then apologised to the audience for the showdown, saying,

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“He’s a rude American, or whoever, whatever he is… don’t ever, come in my face again… NEXT!”

TMZ has the full video, watch what went down here.

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