People are extremely angry with Loose Women’s “casual homophobia”

loose women

Fans of the Loose Women show have blasted the programme after it asked its audience “Should every woman have a gay best friend”.

loose women

A question posed by the Loose Women on their Facebook page blew up into a full-on homophobia row after they asked whether women should have a gay best friend.

The post outlined that a new study had found that becoming friends with gay men may be a key part of women’s ‘mating strategies’ by making them less threatening to other women – and more appealing to straight men.

They then posed the question which some called “offensive”.

“Do you think every woman should have a male gay best friend? Why do you think a friendship between a woman and a gay man is so special?”

The post received a total of 887 comments and many on social media slammed the question as evidence of “casual homophobia”.

David from Birmingham wrote,

“Always love a good bit of casual homophobia from you lot. Belive it or not we are people and not just an “accessory” Absolute fools.  How would you like it if it was “a menopausal best friend”Absolute jokes.”

Nigel replied,

“I’d love a gay best friend to add to my collection. Obviously I already have “man human friend” and “woman human friend”, but I’ve also got, and I don’t mean to show off, “black friend” and “disabled friend” and even a “foreign friend” would you believe?! I like to keep them on a shelf next to my Sylvanian families and thimbles I’ve collected from different counties.”

Steph added,

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“Is this some kind of joke? Is a black friend an accessory too? You just collecting other minorities to use for your advantage. This is so offensive. And a new low. Disgusting.”

GayTime columnist and Pride In London show producer Tom Knight hit out at the show to say,

“Dear – Replace the word “gay” with any of following; Muslim, Jewish, Trans, Black… Then ask, how does that question sound?

What do you think? Homophobic or a sensible question – use the comments below

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4 responses to “People are extremely angry with Loose Women’s “casual homophobia””

  1. Eh, these kind of idiots are hardly worth worrying about. The best way to handle them is to just explain why they are in the wrong and move on. Let’s worry about our legal rights and less about ignorant straight women.

  2. I’m gay and I’ve heard this all my life. Doesn’t bother me. When you get drunk girls on a night out going, “oh I’ve always wanted a gay best mate” you can just reply, “sorry love, my quota for drunk straight girl friends is all filled up!”

  3. F**k sake seriously? Is the gay community really made up of oversensitive b*tches? ? What you don’t seem to understand is not everyone understands us fully and thats OK. People have opinions Based on what they do know and opinions change as a result… That doesn’t make them homophobic it just means they don’t share the same understanding… Suck it up and get on with it I’ve had far worse said to me and I’ve shrugged it off because life is to short to be a bitter poof….

  4. These people need to get over themselves. Honestly I have loads of girl friends and really enjoy their friendship. When I first came out they were the only people I could trust.

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