Perez greeted nineties singer Kavana with pleasure last night with ‘another gay’ comment.

Openly gay Perez Hilton was visibly excited during yesterday’s launch show when Kavana, who came out last year at the age of 36, entered the house. “Another gay” greeted Kavana, who looked somewhat bemused.

However not everyone knew about Perez’s sexuality after former Corrie actor, Ken Morley, who will share a bed with the celebrity blogger, enquired about his sexual orientation. Perez assured Ken that there will be no funny business, however, did go on to tell the group that he can’t share a bed as he gets erect when he comes into close body contact with another person.

Perez Hilton is well known for his celebrity spats. Most recently he and Azealia Banks made headlines and in 2013 Hilton feared for his and his son’s life when he fell out with Lady Gaga.

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