A new petition has been created to urge the Government to drop Poppers from the Psychoactive Substances Bill.

A petition, created by Carl Howard, is calling for Poppers (alkyl nitrates) to be dropped from the Government’s Psychoactive Substances Bill, which will see all current legal highs banned.

The law would make selling poppers a criminal offence, with those found guilty of supplying potentially receiving a 7 year prison sentence.


In his petition Howard says,

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“There is no evidence to suggest that in the vast majority of users poppers cause anything more than a short-lived head rush. Banning them will drive people to seek harmful alternatives. We call upon the government to exclude them from this Bill until hard medical evidence proves otherwise.”

Speaking to THEGAYUK in August about the law, Liberal Democrat Lord, Brian Paddick said,

“The way that the law is written, it is any substance that changes your mental state like making you feel happy.

“So air fresheners for example… Potentially florists could be arrested because the scent given off by roses makes people feel romantic – makes them feel nice or whatever else.

“By the strict definition of the law they are supplying a substance which when inhaled through sniffing changes your mental state. That’s how ridiculous this law is.”

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