A Polish priest has been sacked by the Vatican after coming out as gay.

Monsignor Krzystof Charamsa,43, a priest who has worked in the Vatican’s doctrinal arm since 2003 has been fired by Vatican officials after coming out as gay and as having a partner. He announced his sexuality in an interview with the Italian paper Corriere della Sera.

Charamsa held a press conference with his Spanish partner to announce his partnership and sexuality. The Vatican have said that its decision to remove Charamsa was nothing to do with his coming out, but that giving an interview and planning a news conference was “grave and irresponsible”.


Speaking about the Church’s views on homosexuality and how the Church treats gay people he said their views were “inhuman”,

“It’s time for the Church to open its eyes about gay Catholics and to understand that the solution it proposes to them – total abstinence from a life of love – is inhuman.”

The news of the sacking comes after the news of an alleged meeting between Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk who spent time in jail recently after refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples and the Pope during his recent visit to the United States.The Vatican said that the only “audience” the Pope had was with a small group, which included a gay couple.

In a statement about Charamsa’s announcement, the Vatican said,

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“Msgr. Charamsa will certainly be unable to continue to carry out his previous work in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Pontifical universities, while the other aspects of his situation shall remain the competence of his diocesan Ordinary [local bishop].”

Krzystof Charamsa, dedicated his coming out to all gay priests, saying,

“I dedicate my coming out to all gay priests. I wish them happiness even if I know that most of them will not have the courage to make the gesture I have made today.”

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