Magimix products always provide a neat combination of style and ultimate utility. Most of their products are available in bright popping colours, with smaller versions of the appliance available for those that have limited worktop space, but still maintain a professional spec. The Le Mini Plus is no exception.

Unpacking the contents of your new toy can be daunting when you spot how many extensions and accessories come with the food processor. However, with a glance over the glossy guide that comes laden with simple step by step instructions and pictures provided for each of its functions, along with 70 recipes to get you started on the new venture that will literally change and improve the dynamics of how you create in the kitchen.

Recipes stretch from basic essentials such as home-made mayo, shortcrust pastry, Victoria sponge etc. to some interesting international dishes like; artichoke & parmesan carpaccio, and aubergine caviar.

There are even some cocktail/mocktail ideas in the back such as the ice-cool blackcurrant and kiwi, and the pear and honey nectar. Recipes are clear, highlighting the relevant instruments of the appliance you will need to use.

So let’s talk about the instruments. There is the main blade (chopping / kneading), a blender mix (soups etc.), egg whisk, slicer, grater, citrus press and it also comes with a spatula. Despite the word mini being in its name the Le Mini Plus is big on functionality and techniques.

The recipes in the back suggest a serving yield of four people so this is a perfect appliance for small households (its main bowl has a 1.7 ltr capacity: 600g of chopped veg or 500g pastry or 600ml in soup, as examples).

The slicer and grater blades alone have collectively saved me hours in the kitchen of tasks that were tedious to have previously done manually- grating a kilo of courgette for fritters by hand, never again. Another good attribute of the appliance is its fitted “failsafe”, meaning the unit will not turn on until all the correct parts of the product are in the right place.

The machine is also very quiet when in use, which is always nice. All removable parts can go in the dishwasher and will take up minimal space so any kitchen aftermath goes unnoticed, even when cleaning by hand.

The Le Mini Plus is by far my most favourite item in the kitchen. It looks cool, it saves me time, and can be used across a huge range of dishes; batter, pastry, bread, pizza dough, cake, icing, meringue, souffle, soup, pate, tart, pie, fishcakes, crumble, milkshakes, cocktails etc. etc.

In my opinion, every kitchen should be kitted out with one of these. The price range is £119.99-£152.99 from John Lewis, but do shop around. I feel the pricing is totally fair with the product and should be considered as an investment. Whether novice or expert, this product is relevant and you will find yourself using it at every available opportunity.


Good to know bits of info are any plastic materials are 0% BPA, three year guarantee included, along with a thirty year motor guarantee too.


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Multi-function heaven

Looks great on your worktop

Comes with a great and handy bible of recipes


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Sometimes had to blend in batches due to its smaller capacity.



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