A 100-year-old railway bridge which passes through the gay village of Leeds has received a rainbow makeover.

The rainbow bridge leeds
CREDIT: Joe Burke / JoeMB Media

The rail bridge HUL4/53, which is called the Leeds Freedom Bridge, has been coloured the colours of the LGBT rainbow flag. The update is all thanks to Network Rail, Leeds City Council and local LGBT diversity campaigner Thomas Wales.

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Speaking about the update, Thomas Wales, ‘Leeds Freedom Bridge’ project leader and LGB&T campaigner, said,

“Each colour represents something different, from Life and Harmony to Nature and Spirit, it is also a scheme that has been adopted internationally to celebrate freedom in sexuality and gender identity in our city. It is destined to become a landmark we can all be proud of.”

Councillor Jonathan Pryor, Leeds City Council’s deputy executive member for culture, said,

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“This bridge represents a tremendous show of support for the city’s LGBT community. Not only will the Leeds Freedom Bridge be an eye-catching addition to what is already a lively and electric part of Leeds, it will also make a huge statement to our many visitors, that here, we embrace and celebrate diversity and the contribution it makes to ensuring Leeds is such a warm, welcoming and successful city.”

The rainbow paintwork commenced in December and was completed in February 2017, just in time to share the Freedom Bridge love over the Valentine’s weekend.

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