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Trump’s administration has reversed Obama’s bathroom guidelines which protected the rights of trans students.

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The rights of trans Americans have been officially curtailed after President Donald Trump‘s administration rescinded the guidelines about trans people’s bathroom rights, which were put forward by Obama during his second term.


The guidelines allowed for trans students to use bathrooms and changing rooms which match their current gender identity rather than the biological sex written on their birth certificates.

The White House stated that the previous guidelines did not “contain extensive legal analysis or explain how the position is consistent with the express language of Title IX, nor did they undergo any formal public process.”

Schools and the Supreme Court were told by letter on Wednesday that the guidance was changing.


Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary said that Donald Trump was “a firm believer in states’ rights and that certain issues like this are not best dealt with on the federal level.”




A spokesperson for the Campaign for Southern Equality condemned the action saying that “no child should be denied access to basic facilities or subjected to discriminatory treatment” and called the current Trump administration “reckless”

Despite the rollback, the letter will have no effect as the guidelines were blocked by the federal court after they were issued.

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Rev. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, Executive Director of the Campaign for Southern Equality said,

“The reality is that the protections of Title IX are still in effect for transgender students. We will fight every day to ensure that these protections remain in place”.

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