Albert Maysles, the director who, alongside his brother David, revolutionised documentary filmmaking, died at the age of 88 Thursday night. Amongst his long body of work, he will always fondly be known for introducing Little Edie to the world in Grey Gardens which has become classic particularly among the gay community.

In 1975 the Maysles had been making a film on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ younger sister Lee Radziwill, the brothers met Edith Bouvier Beale, Onassis’ free-spirited cousin, and her mother, affectionately known as “Big Edie.” The Maysles scrapped their planned film on Radziwill and began to film the story of Big and Little Edie living in squalor in their near-condemned Long Island mansion.

Best known for their love of cinéma vérité the Brothers worked spanned from their documentary in 1964 The Beatles: The First US Visit to a series of movies on the artist Christo which earned them an Oscar Nomination.


David Maysles, the younger brother died in 1987 and since then Albert has continued to make films the latest of which is Iris a profile of 93-year iconic fashion maven Iris Apfel which is being released next month.

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PS. Iris is being screened at Miami International Film Festival this weekend and Mr Maysles and Ms Apfel had agreed to an interview with THEGAYUK Film Editor Roger Walker-Dack.

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