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“And more of a woman that you’ll ever get…”

The singer has left a powerful message on Instagram for any detractors since Smith’s non-binary gender revelation earlier this month.

Earlier in September, Smith “came out” as non-binary saying that being called “They” was beautiful.

However Smith’s reveal attracted a certain amount of criticism.


Taking to Instagram, the “How Do You Sleep” singer quoted, Rent writer and creator Jonathan Larson, saying, “I’m more of a man than you’ll ever be and more of a woman that you’ll ever get”.

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The quote received quite a large reaction with over 1,200 comments with artist, Jeremy Kost saying, “Sam, you’re the star the world needs right now… Outrageously talented, loving yourself, and unafraid to be who you are.

People need to all be less judgmental and if they don’t like something, move on without being an as*hole”