With a research budget that some small nations could be jealous of, there’s 2 billion reasons why Gillette is the number one shaver brand worldwide. The ever expansion of brilliantly developed products, the razor industry is about to get another revelation.

After years of exploration Gillette tackles the final frontiers in the wet shave, your chin, your cheeks, your jowls, and your jawbone… Yes all those highly contoured areas of the face have caused issues with razor to skin contact in the past, but now, thanks to 20,000 test shaves per year and over a decade of investigation, FlexBall TM is their answer, resulting, hopefully in a more comfortable more efficient shave.

Using their best razor cartridge, the Fusion ProGlide along with their best FlexBall handle, Gillette has created a unique answer to a unique problem, and this is just one their current innovations. Those ideas are still bubbling away in their innovation centre here in the UK, where every colleague is encouraged to share their thoughts about future products. Lead Research Scientist, who has worked with the company for 18 years, Kristina Vannosthuyze, smiles and says, “We shave with our ideas…”

Gillette® Fusion ProGlide with NEW FlexBall Technology razors will be available in selected retailers from 17th February 2015 with a suggested retail price of £12 (manual) and £15 (power).





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