Video shows suspected gay man openly harassed by two men, who repeatedly call him a ‘fag’, ‘dirty’ and leave the ‘Muslim area.’

The Daily Mail revealed, last week, that shocking videos had emerged on YouTube of a group calling themselves a vigilantes ‘Muslim London Patrol’, who openly harass men and women for being drunk, and looking like ‘naked animals’ on the streets of London. The group it seems have now turned their attention to ‘gay looking men’.


In a newly posted video, the group victimises a man who they say looks ‘gay’.

Walking along side the unnamed man, they ask, ‘Don’t you know this is a Muslim area?’, before going on to criticise his clothing and his face for looking ‘gay’.

‘Why you dressed like that for? the men who are holding the camera ask and hidden from view, to which the victim replies, ‘Why are you following me?’


‘Because you’re walking through a muslim area looking like a fag.’ came the chilling reply.

Talking to the Daily Mail, Mohammed Shafiq, the chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, a Muslim organisation which campaigns for a peaceful co-existence among communities, has condemned the group’s behaviour.

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He said:

‘We live in the UK and we are governed by UK law, there should be no mob rule. If people are involved in this behaviour then it is worrying but it is an isolated incident.’

It’s not known whether the videos posted on YouTube are authentic, but police are said to be looking into the incidents.

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