Sick photos have emerged showing the horrific final moments of a man who was accused of being gay.

Warning contained graphic images.

Islamic State throw gay man to his death

SPECTATORS: A crowd of men surround the area where the victim will land. A sickening sight of rocks laid out ready to pelt the victim lay in the foreground of the photo.


Yet another man is thrown to his death and pelted with rocks because ISIS claims he was gay. Photos released by TerrorMonitor show how Islamic State officials lined up a pile of stones and rocks ready to pelt the young man after he was pushed from a tall building in Mosul, in Iraq. Islamic State’s largest stronghold in Iraq.

Despite homosexuality not being illegal in Irag, gay men live in fear of execution if they are caught by Islamic State who adopts a strict legal system based on Sharia Law, which prohibits same-sex relations.

Islamic State throw gay man to his death


JUSTICE? A man reads out the alleged crimes of the man from his vehicle.

The photos, released by Islamic State, show that a crowd of people gathered for the public execution, which happened in the Iraqi city of Mosul. His body is seen lying lifeless at the bottom of the building as spectators begin to hurl rocks at the victim’s head and body.

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LAST MOMENTS: The youth, who is wearing yellow, breathes his last few breaths before being thrown off the building.

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PELTED: The lifeless body of the man is pelted with rocks from a pile of rocks placed at the base of the building.

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The unnamed man was taken to the top of a tall building and blindfolded. According to one of the Islamic State fighters read out his death sentence, from within a car. The young man was then tossed off the building.


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