Some of Brussels’ gay bars are open for business despite a citywide lockdown as the Belgian Government raises the terror threat to “Very Serious”.

Some gay bars in the Belgian capital of Brussels are open for business as usual but are working with the police to ensure the safety of their customers. The news comes after the Belgian Government put the entire city into lockdown, closing the Metro and raising the terror threat to its maximum level.
The capital is enduring its second day of security lockdown as police forces continue to look for “several terror suspects” including Salah Abdeslam who was seen in gay bars in Brussels’ Saint Jacques quarter, before the attacks in Paris, which left victims 130 dead last week.

Last week the British Government issued guidance on how to survive a terrorist attack.

One of Brussels’ busiest gay bars, Le Boys Boudoir, a popular bar in Brussels issued a statement that it was keeping normal hours, but asked patrons not to bring bags into the bar.


The Chez Maman issued a statement that on the advice from police “not to run no risk and exceptionally close its doors”.

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