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  • US state sued over limits to adoptions by gay couples

    A civil rights group Wednesday sued Michigan over a law allowing agencies to deny adoptions to gay couples on religious grounds, challenging legislative efforts gaining momentum in some US states. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawsuit seeks to limit which agencies can claim objections, by asking a Detroit federal court to rule that an […]

  • French MP: Gay Marriage Could “Open The Door To Polygamy”

    French MP: Gay Marriage Could “Open The Door To Polygamy”

    French MP, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen has suggested that accepting gay marriage could lead to multiple partner marriages.   Marion Maréchal-Le Pen has told The Telegraph in an exclusive interview that she is strongly opposed to same-sex marriage saying that if the traditional family model is broken that marriages between multiple partners might not be far […]

  • Columbia Lifts Gay Couple Adoption Ban

    Columbian gay couples are now legally allowed to adopt children, thanks to a historic ruling in which adoption agencies are no longer allowed to discriminate on the basis of sexuality. A historic ruling in Columbia now means that same-sex couples are allowed to adopt children in a 6-2 vote. The constitutional court lifted the ban […]

  • Barnados Is Seeking Out Gay Parents For Children and Siblings

    Barnardo’s will appeal to the crowds at this weekend’s Pride in London event to find would-be adopters who could offer a loving family for a group of siblings. A team of around 40 LGBT staff, volunteers and allies from the children’s charity will join the march through central London on the afternoon of Saturday, June […]

  • YouGov Polls Shows Strong Support For Gay Marriage And Adoption

    Strong support across Europe for gay marriage and adoption, but France remains divided.